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This is a Normal Baby Weight Time of birth

This is a Normal Baby Weight Time of birth

Jakarta, the time of a person's baby is born, except the little one's face is similar to who, one of the things some people's attention as that is what the baby weight. There are often people who commented when the baby is very small or very large. Well, addressing this sort of thing, Dr. Day Nugroho SpOG from the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology HOSPITALS Dr. Sutomo Surabaya, delivered in Europe and America, the weight of a normal baby in womb 37-42 weeks i.e. 2, 5-4 kg. Although in Indonesia most wear a normal baby weight agreement i.e. 2, 5-3, 5 kg. Baby birth weight also contributes in many aspects, said dr day at detikHealth, Friday (11/4/2014). Aspect of it including time mother pregnancy nutrition, diseases that follow a time of pregnancy as gestational toxicity (high blood preeklampsia or due to pregnancy), heart disease, and infections. The following diseases of pregnancy and infection can lose nutrients the baby in the womb of time until the baby's birth weight is lower than the normal number. Diabetes disease are due to the pregnancy and even increase the weight of the baby naturally in the appeal. The aspect of the length of the fetus in the womb is mentioned in Dr. light's day so affect fetal weight. Normal fetal weight standard reference that is as follows:-Age pregnancy fetal weight 20 weeks 500 grams-28 weeks gestational Age of the fetus weighs 1000 grams-Aged 31 weeks gestation fetal weight of 1500 grams-Age pregnancy 34 weeks of fetal weight 2000 g-Age 37 weeks of pregnancy, fetal weight of 2500 gramJika baby is born with a weight of 4 kg, the above mentioned Dr. Day according to research long period in Denmark and Israel take place the addition of the possibility of obesity and diabetes mellitus. By way of statistics, is not a certainty, he said. Time in the womb of the mother, often also feels very large janinnya. Though, according to Dr. Today, must first ascertain the age of pregnancy due to the frequent terjad of opportunities often that is the mom forgot the first day of the last menstruation as a reference for calculating the age of the pregnancy. For example weighs detected 1, 5 kg though age pregnancy 28 weeks masihlah according to a statement his mother might just have her pregnancy age 31 weeks (very small calculations wrong) or maybe just too so instead, Dr. bright day. But, if pregnancy age have right as well as the weight of the baby is getting bigger or smaller than normal pregnancy age, generally the doctors would seek for risks like diabetes inasmuch as pregnancy and heart disease.

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