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Narrative Donna, Bikini Contest Participate Completed Successfully Lose Weight 52 Kg

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Narrative Donna, Bikini Contest Participate Completed Successfully Lose Weight 52 Kg


Nova Scotia, Canada, so startled Donna Gillie (30) when the weight body was soaring after graduating from college. With a height of 162 cm, weight 104 kg Donna won. As a result, the time to work the first time, Donna feels uncomfortable. To that, when she was approximately 22 years old., Donna began to think to live a healthy life. He started to reduce the consumption of sweet foods as his hobby as well as provide more fruits and vegetables in the daily menu. Donna also gathered with fitness club and personal trainer to hire someone. Starting as a teenager I have been struggling with eating problems. I really like overeating as well as with ice cream, chocolate, cheese cake and the turning point took place, when I was 22 years old .. At that time I think about to start a healthy life, said Donna, as taken from various sources. See also: Fat People Can Stop breathing 400 times TidurSembari time adjusting the diet and fitness, Donna also zumba classes and register themselves in the race 10 km. Until th. 2014, Donna Body weight may drop 52 kg as well as the time he attended his first fitness game behind bikini. Indeed nervous once advanced to the stage with my new look. But honestly, I mean it's not helped the game to be champions but showed to me that my hard efforts until now to bring results, said Donna. Yes, he says, can not easily replace multiply the daily menu with vegetables and fruit. Then, the hard work for Donna to regularly replace the food packages that often it consumes until now, with his editorial food with fresh ingredients. Donna delivered some inspiring people to him and begged the suggestion that the weight loss program successful Agency. According to Donna, the most important key in dieting which is to protect the positive thought patterns. Today, Donna was preparing himself to follow a bikini contest at all 3 bln. December to come. Read also: Create Body Fat Feel 'Delicious', Doctor's Lose Weight 17 Kg (RDN / vit)


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