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Problem Examined After Death Mirna, Hani Select Mute

Problem Examined After Death Mirna, Hani Select Mute
 Mirna Wayan deaths Salihin (27) to Monday is still not revealed. Mirna known to have died after drinking coffee at Cafe Olivier, Grand Indonesia. Central Jakarta.
In the investigation, the police have checked several witnesses among friends Mirna, Mirna family, and a waitress.
Today, the police check one of the witnesses to reveal the death of Mirna. watchlist
, One friend Mirna namely Hani examined by Subdit Crime and Violence (Jatanras) Criminal Investigation Directorate General Polda Metro Jaya.
Hani checked twice by investigators first examined Hani start at 11:00 until 13:30 pm. While the second examination started at 14.30 pm until 21.00 pm.
When out after checked twice by investigators, Hani was still wearing the same outfit is a pink shirt. There are a lot of comments from Hani after inspection. He just covered her face with her hair.
In the second inspection, Hani was accompanied by his girlfriend wearing a white shirt. In fact, out of the room when the investigator, Hani escorted by the police as much as almost five people.
Members of the media who have been waiting for the results of today did not get a comment on Hani proofing material. Hani silence as he headed for the car which he used before the Honda New CRV with license plate B 828 TON.
Director General of Criminal Investigation Police Metro Jaya Police Commissioner Krishna Murti explains, to Hani examination because there are some questions that will be re-examined from the analysis chronological police have.
Because it's his Hani panicked when it (the incident), we asked could she not remember us show something if he remembers remember because there are different descriptions that we have, we check again, said Krishna.
Before Hani checked, Mirna friends over coffee that Jessica investigated by the police five times.
As is known, Wayan Mirna Salihin (27) having coffee with two friends that Jessica and Hani in Olivier Restaurant, Grand Indonesia, Central Jakarta. Wednesday, January 6, 2016.
After the Vietnamese iced coffee drink, known miRNA directly kejangkejang and removing the foam. Both friends Mirna had requested assistance cafe waiter to bring Mirna to the nearest clinic is located in the mall area.
Mirna was then referred to Abdi Waluyo Hospital, Central Jakarta, after receiving first aid at the clinic mall. However, no sooner arrived at the hospital Abdi Waluyo, Mirna declared dead.
Laboratory results explain, coffee drunk and his side miRNA containing cyanide. To that end the police find out who the perpetrators were put cyanide in drinks Mirna.
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